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SOLIDARITY: respect all employees and their diversified opinions, and communicate with each other on an equal basis, so as to increase the cohesion of the whole team

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS value the common cause, cherish respective posts, and try the best to make excellent performance

VITALITY: being positive and using personal talent to meet challenges, and realize dreams through constant enthusiasm

INNOVATION: create an open environment, and encourage and carry out innovation, so as to promote the development of the enterprise


Operation concept: grow stronger and be professional through innovative operation


Innovative operation: implement the innovative concept in the course of operation, explore new idea of development, expand the business into new fields, and improve the enterprise’ operation mode in a creative way.

Grow stronger and be professional: enhance the enterprise’s core competitiveness and capability to deal with changes in the market and grow stronger through constant improvement in existing fields.


Core value: develop the enterprise, benefit its employees, bring interests to the shareholders, and make contributions to society

The enterprise’s development is the precondition. Only with its sustainable development can its employees improve themselves through practice and realize their personal value; only the stable development of enterprise can bring long-term return to shareholders; and only the coordinated development can enable the enterprise to fulfill its social responsibility and contribute to the prosperity of society. 


Strategic goal:

Integrating all resources to improve current programs, widening the operation scope and carry out new programs on that basis, making more efforts on added value arising from service and technology, being committed to building the enterprise into a business group which mainly acts as an agent, but has value-added services and its own products with the capability of technological development.

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