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Genersal Manager Addres

Dear friends , I’m glad to see you viewing the brochure of China National Electronic Devices Corp.(CNEDC) . Along with the development of market economy , CNEDC has changed from a company performing governmental functions into a company operating independently and being sole responsibility for its profits and losses in the past 27 years. After the jointstock refornm. CNEDC , the former state-owned company, is now a privite owned limited liability company , which has totally participated in market competition . In this brilliant historical process here , we have insisted on daring to face the competition of the market , the key values dared to challenge , dare to pioneer and keep forging ahead all the time .

Today , China market has become one part of the world arena . Chinese companies are enjoying the equal treatment as theis foreign counterparts and competing equally with them . As we manage to respond to the impact from outside worle , wealso find the opportunity of economic globalization . Therefore we must change our thoughes , polish up the leagl person manmagement structure , and adjust the marketing and management system . Meanwhile , for the development of our company , we should continue to implement our marketing philosopht , adjust the marketing strategy and improve management level . In addition , we should establish a marketing team staying unified and cooperative , being of fighting-fit and rapid response . Also we should further improve our management capacity against marketing risks . We will cope actively with market challenges , and seize the opportunity of economy development in china . With contiuous innovation and development , CNEDC will grow up into an agent of many world famous brands .  Taking computer peripherals as leading products , based on component assembly , CNEDC will develop into a group corporation , which characters agency & distribution , technical value adding and service value adding .

We’dlike to appreciate sincerely people from all walks of life for their support and help from both home and aborad as well as our partners cooperate whit us in various projects . W e expect further understand , cooperation and co-development in the future . I firmly believe , in our new march , via the efforts of CNEDC staff , we’ll see the vigorous development of CNEDC , achieve our marketing strategic taarget and create more values for our shareholders and the society .

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